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Communications industry face a host of challenges, from changing regulations, to financial pressures, to changing customer needs, to industry restructuring and consolidation. These challenges also represent opportunities for those companies who realize that in order to grow, they must move beyond merely providing new products and services, and participate in redefining the market. A clear vision and the resolve and resources to execute strategies will distinguish industry leaders from industry laggards.

If you're investing in innovative services to expand into new markets, how do you ensure that your order-management infrastructure can handle the new traffic properly? If you're migrating to another platform to support a new service, how do you avoid disruption to your existing customer base? If you're thinking of outsourcing the testing of a critical new network component, can you be certain that the testing will be more rigorous, but cost less, than it would in-house?

SonSoft can give you a competitive edge. We develop best-of-breed solutions in several areas vital to next-generation communications service providers.