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BPO Overview
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Outsourcing applications in order to transform an organization requires more than technical knowledge. SonSoft's ability to integrate industry, business process, organizational change-as well as technological-expertise i s key to achieving success. Infrastructure plays a critical, but often overlooked, role in business transformation. It enables everything else: applications, processes, operating models, enterprises-and extended enterprises.

SonSoft BPO provides a broad range of services from customer relationship management, back office transaction processing to industry specific solutions. The key element of services delivery is an integrated approach towards providing increasing value over the entire course of our client relationships. This involves a phased approach towards process standardization, process optimization and process re-engineering.

We help organizations gain more bandwidth to focus their attentions on strategic initiatives that improve the bottom line. While we develop, deploy, manage and enhance packaged or customized business applications, our clients can concentrate on core business and processes.

SonSoft research has shown that investment in information technology is critical to success. Return on that IT investment is one of the qualities that sets high-performance businesses and governments apart from the rest.

If you struggle with typical IT challenges-such as managing legacy systems, improving IT service levels, containing cost and supporting an expanding, geographically diverse user base-SonSoft's infrastructure outsourcing services can help.

Bundled with business process and/or application outsourcing, our infrastructure outsourcing services can lower your total cost of IT ownership; increase your speed to technology; improve quality, visibility, control and productivity; and reduce operating costs.