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Company Profile

SonSoft Inc.is a Georgia, USA based corporation and is duly organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Georgia.

SonSoft Inc. is a specialty services firm providing complete software solutions to its clients. The company provides IT Consultancy and solutions at National and Global levels. SonSoft Inc. is fully equipped to complete in-house project development and training.

The company believes that its range of services provides clients with integrated solutions for specialty based contract staffing needs, thereby allowing the company to develop long term consultative relationships with its clients. The company's objective is to be universally recognized as providing technical specialty services.

Considering the demands of today's changing work environment, We have developed an expertise in matching the skills of the employee to the needs of the employer thereby enhancing and enriching job performance and reducing job turnovers.

SonSoft Inc. strives to differentiate itself from its competitors through innovative service offerings and result oriented approach towards building client relationships and top quality professional placements. In today's constantly changing Information Technology Industry, SonSoft Inc., has proven itself as a leading provider of Information technology services. Our ability to provide clients with top-quality technical resources quickly at competitive rates creates a marketplace advantage for our clients.

We are continually seeking to explore new horizons and the latest technology in order to provide our clients with innovative solutions to keep them a step ahead of the 21st century information revolution.