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Technology Architecture is a critical determining factor of business survival and success. A technology architecture that supports the IT strategy and provides the flexibility to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation is a key to business adaptability and growth. A good architecture provides a plan for managing IT investments that is aligned with business objectives

At SonSoft, we partner with you, our client organizations, to develop implementable technology architecture solutions that lay the foundation for leveraging technology to enable business strategy.

We leverage our research organization and our collective implementation expertise to navigate the technology landscape and provide a thorough fact-based technology evaluation and selection process that best fits a client’s business/ IT landscape and roadmap. Our skills span business modeling, architecture and application modeling and technology implementation.

Our services include Architecture Advisory, IT Strategy, Architecture Assessment, Architecture Definition, Capacity Planning, Technology selection, Performance Engineering, Network Optimization, Security Policy definition, Security Risk analysis, Security design and implementation and Security audits.