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If your enterprise has disparate systems, applications and databases that are critical to business, yet incompatible with one another, we can help you make them communicate in real-time.

At SonSoft, we leverage our strong capabilities and experience in integration solutions across the globe, along with experience in multiple technology platforms, to bring you a range of enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions and services.

SonSoft can create value through the following solutions and services:

EAI Consulting – Comprises EAI strategy definition, EAI package evaluation, EAI assessments, Enterprise EAI architecture definition.

Integration Competency Establishment (ICE) – Helps to establish capabilities for complete integration needs of an organization from people, process and technology perspectives (viz: Governance model, Funding model, Processes & Tools, Architecture & Technical frameworks).

EAI Implementations – Comprises program management, end to end EAI solution implementation.

EAI Operations – EAI production support, including infrastructure service management around EAI, EAI solution upgrades and migration.

BAeI – Business Application enabled Integration service focuses on integration using EAI solutions offered by leading ERP and CRM vendors.

Product Development – Shrink wrapped solutions including adapters, technical frameworks. Product development includes release management, QA, Documentation and product management.