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Managing an application portfolio is a continuous and complex task for any enterprise.

We bring you our understanding of the issues and requirements in an application portfolio management exercise, and the frameworks that we leverage to assist organisations with these issues. Our detailed and customised approach ensures the unlocking of real savings through optimal management of your application portfolio.

SonSoft approach is distinct in bringing value to your enterprise:

  • The SonSoft Portfolio Management Model is customised for the client's specific industry
  • Our project approach has been designed to mitigate the risks inherent in gathering and segmenting data from multiple sources and of variable quality. This includes processes to streamline the large and complex task of gathering the key metrics and data for each application
  • Our deep understanding of technology and applications - both modern and legacy - will help the client accelerate and improve the quality of data gathered and analysed
SonSoft can carry out application portfolio segmentation for your enterprise, thus ensuring that you meet your business goals. Specifically, SonSoft' approach is crafted to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Contiguous and logical groupings of applications according to identified and validated criteria
  • Readily recognisable, definable and measurable responsibility and accountability within and between application groupings
  • Application services supply market attractiveness and alignment
  • Clarity in making in-source versus outsource decisions
  • Appropriate governance of intellectual property management and emerging regulatory requirements
  • Maximisation of the strategic goals of the organisation