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Application Services
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Enterprises have significant investments in IT assets to execute their business and derive appropriate returns. These investments are made over a period of time and spread across the technology spectrum; spanning from legacy platforms to client-server system to more contemporary multi-tier browser based systems.
Our services include:
  • Portfolio Analysis to ensure Business - IT alignment
  • Offshorability Analysis
  • Maintainability Analysis and
  • Application Management
    • Application Maintenance
    • Application Support
    • Helpdesk
In an environment where businesses are continuously changing and newer, better technologies and ways of using technologies are emerging, managing IT to keep in step with business, while leveraging existing assets, is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations.

Surveys of IT spend indicates that organizations spend upto 70% of the IT budget is comprised of non-discretionary costs , i.e. costs to maintain current IT functionality and operations. It is imperative for organizational success that IT becomes more effective and efficient in managing existing assets, while providing business the edge to compete.

At SonSoft, we have a strong history of managing and future-proofing mission-critical applications for our clients. Our Application Management processes are predicated on ensuring that your systems are flexible and evolve with your business. Our approach is geared to enable you to meet your commitments to your customers. SonSoft' Maintenance methodology brings to the table an extensive knowledge base of technologies and domains acquired from our years of experience at maintaining business-critical applications for many of the world's best enterprises.